Keeping it Green An irrigation system is a smart investment to protect your landscape and lawn. Improper watering can lead to the loss of plant life and a damaged lawn. Correctly timed watering can keep your landscape looking beautiful and can also help you save on your water bill. Automatic timers can be set to water early in the morning when your lawn and plants drink more water, reducing waste. Going on vacation? Your sprinklers are set to water while you’re away. Standing water can also be harmful for your landscape. With the Pacific Northwest rain, your Proscapes designer will automatically evaluate the landscape site for drainage issues and recommend solutions that work with your landscape design. Some of the natural solutions we employ include catch basins, French drains and dry creek beds. IRRIGATION SYSTEM REPAIR, WINTERIZATION AND SPRING MAINTENANCE Are you having issues with your current irrigation system? Is water flow low, or the sprinkler spray distance not reaching the right areas? ProScapes has the know-how to find the problem with your sprinkler system and make the repair so that they’re functioning properly. We also provide services for winterizing your irrigation system to prevent freezing and damage to water pipes over the winter. Protect your sprinkler system from cold and freezing weather, and then mark your calendars for spring maintenance to get your sprinklers ready for the growing season. Talk to ProScapes about setting up your landscape for a long life. We provide: -Sprinkler system design and installation -Automatic sprinkler timer set up -Sprinkler head service and repair -A variety of drainage system installs Trusted | Proven | Reliable est. | ProScapes | 2001 Proudly serving Skagit, Whatcom, Island and Snohomish Counties