LANDSCAPE SERVICES At Proscapes, we’ve established a reputation over many years for designing and installing custom landscapes based on the customers’ personal style and objectives. Our in-house knowledge and expertise has helped create over 1,000 beautifully installed landscapes, both residential and commercial. See our Photo Gallery for examples of our work and the many features from which to choose Plantings – Diverse selection of plants, scrubs and trees, flowers and new lawn; Water features – Fountains, falls, ponds and rockeries; Hardscape features – Garden steps, path and walkways, patios, retaining walls and driveways; Specialty features – Sport courts, fire pits and outdoor lighting. DESIGN We provide a comprehensive range of design services. From design conceptualization to the technical proficiency with plant selection, irrigation planning and hardscape designs, we cover all the details. We spend sufficient time with you upfront to ensure that we understand your vision and objectives and align our expertise and creativity to your goals. Our designers stay involved in their projects all the way through to completion and are frequently onsite to ensure that the landscape comes together as envisioned. PLANTINGS We bring only high-quality plantings into a landscape. All trees, bushes and shrubs selected for our landscapes are hand-picked and carefully inspected for specimen quality. But that’s only half the success equation. Proper installation is vital to the livelihood of new plants and trees. The Proscapes installation teams understand the requirements and best practices for handling and installing plants. From prepping the soil and creating the right hole size to placement and light requirements, our teams create the best chance for thriving plant and tree life in your landscape. For any part of our landscapes that fail to thrive, we stand behind our work and offer a one-year warranty for timely replacement.