Pergolas | Patios | Pavilions Dreaming of hosting summer gatherings or cozying up to an outdoor fire during the fall? Get your outdoor entertaining space created for years of enjoyment. Fire Pits A fire pit makes a great gathering place to entertain and linger with nighttime warmth. It can be made to burn either wood or gas for fuel and can be designed to integrate well into an existing landscape. Talk to a Proscapes designer to see if your property has a sufficiently large open space and protection from the wind to contain sparks released into the air. Landscape Lighting Outdoor lighting which illuminates the landscape is increasing in popularity as more people are extending their outdoor entertaining and recreation time into the evening. There are numerous lighting options including lamp posts, spotlights and motion detection lights to name just a few. You can provide your family an extra level of security with safety lighting on paths and area lighting that discourages the unwelcomed. Our designers create nightscapes that keep you safer and highlight the natural beauty of your landscape and home.